Some Old Newspaper Clippings

Bill’s Post

January 2024

Go Bills Go!

When our early settlers and their descendants headed to Canada, they must have thought the people at home would surely forget about them.  In this month’s Bill Post are a number of newspaper clippings from newspapers in Great Britian.  It surprised me to find so many articles about local people but what surprised me most was how news that you would not expect to be reported back in Britian was found.

The first thing I found was from the “Aberdeen Evening Express December 30, 1952.”  JOSH MACPHERSON At Dunnville Ontario Canada, on December 26, 1952, John, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. john Joss.  Tilquhillie, Bridge of Don. To Sheila, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Macpherson, 102 Hilton Road, Aberdeen.  

In today’s world of Google Map, one cannot resist looking up an address so I looked up 102 Hilton Road in Aberdeen and here if what I found.

102 Hilton Road in Aberdeen

I also found a photo of Tilquhillie, Bridge of Don

The second thing I found I actually remember the event.  I was ten years of age and a nosey kid.  The Sprays lived at what we locals call Beckley Beach as did my family.  Seeing all the activity a few doors from my home I just had to make a visit.  After getting some cake and ice-cream and observing what I thought were two very old people give each other a kiss while standing around the special cake made and beautifully decorated for the occasion I was send on my way.  Now just how old were these “very old people?”  Tom was 73, while his wife the former Florence Larkin was 69.  They don’t look so old today to this 75-year-old!  This article came from the “Hasting & St. Leonard Observer of May 24, 1958.” 

The third article was found in two different newspapers.  My first find came from the “Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser Friday Nov 14, 1879.” While the second finding which were written exactly the same came from “Shipping and Mercantile Gazette of November 12, 1879.”

Schooner La Petite

Steamer Prince Alfred

If you wish to read another article about the Prince Alfred, right click here.

Then there were the poets! From “The Nelson Leader January 2, 1931

I hope you enjoyed our little trek back in time via these long serving British newspapers.