Sinking of the Commerce print now available

On May 5th 1850 shortly after midnight a ship carrying soldiers of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers 23rd Foot enroute to London Ontario sank off the mouth of the Grand River with the loss of 39 soldiers and family members.  In the fall of 2022 PMHA commissioned Peter Rindlisbacher to create a digital painting of his perception of the event.  As expected and desired it is a dark and sad image showing the horror of young men, women and children during their last moments on earth.  To my knowledge no painting or image of this event exists.  This summer PMHA donated a 4-foot by 2-foot print to the County of Haldimand.

This digital print is for sale. 

Click image for larger version

This 20 by 15 ½ inch print sells for $160.00 plus shipping.  We will try to deliver it to you if you live locally; saving you the shipping cost.

Yes, it is a bit costly, but due to its darkness and a number of other technical issues it had to be printed on very high-quality paper pushing the price up considerably.  We believe this print is a valuable record of the May 1850 event and well worth the price to help preserve this important moment in our history.  We hope you will give serious consideration to purchasing a print.

To purchase a print or for more information please contact Bill Warnick at the email address below. You may send a cheque payable to Port Maitland, “On the Grand” Historical Association.  You may also send payment digitally to the email address below.

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