Port Maitland "On the Grand" Historical Association

Port Maitland, Ontario, Canada

The Port Maitland Lock

By William A. Warnick

January, 2008
Port Maitland “On the Grand” Historical Association - (PMHA)


What has become incorrectly known as Lock Twenty-Seven is in reality the Port Maitland Lock. As with much in history one error begets another. Whether we call it by its correct name or by some other, this lock played an important part in the development of Haldimand County.

Until it was constructed circa 1842 there was no direct passage from Lake Erie to the upper Grand River. For that matter there was no direct passage from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie via the original Welland Canal. The trip was a long and cumbersome route from Port Dalhousie, (Now a part of the city of St. Catharines) up the escarpment to Port Robinson, then easterly to the Niagara River where oxen along with other beast of burden dragged the vessels along the Canadian shore to Fort Erie; only then setting them free to sail on their own.

Prior to 2003, when a number of volunteers commenced a clean up the lock had sat collecting garbage from both humans and Mother Nature. It had become overgrown and for the most part hidden from view. Progress has been slow, but steady. Hope remains to have it and the seven hundred foot section west of it dredge or dug out. Suggestions have been advanced that the Port Maitland, “On the Grand” Historical Association should lease the property from the County and work towards the possibility of having gates replaced into it. Of course these gates would be for historic display only!

Today the lock is lined with memorial benches; the debris is gone, but there remains a constant demand to maintain and improve on our yet early efforts. Notice the hydro metering station in Figure # 2. It has now been removed along with most of the poles, ridding the lock of much of twentieth century clutter.

Before Cleanuo Sept 26, 2003
Before Cleanup Sept 26, 2003

2009 Spring Cleanup
2009 Spring Cleanup
Kiosk Sept 1, 2009
Kisok Sept 1, 2009

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William (Bill) Arthur Warnick