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Port Maitland “On the Grand” Historical Association Mandate:

The purpose of the Port Maitland "On The Grand" Historical Association shall be to bring together those people interested in the diverse heritage of the former townships whose borders touched the Grand River between Port Maitland and it source.

More specifically, its aim and objectives shall be:

To encourage the citizens of this area to learn about their history by documenting and photographing, sketching, and writing about it

To undertake and promote the study of any phase of historical research within the area served by Port Maitland "On The Grand" Historical Association.

To operate as may seem necessary for the display of historical material and for the promotion of knowledge about any aspect of the history of former townships whose borders touched the Grand River between Port Maitland and its source.


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William A. Warnick president@port-maitland.ca 905-549-6086
Barry Fraser
Financial Secretary Janet DeVos finance@port-maitland.ca 905-701-5078
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Wendy Strong
Director Tourism & Promotion Wendy Strong
Director Webmaster Bill Strong web@port-maitland.ca 905-774-7028
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Bios in brief:
William Arthur Warnick
William Arthur Warnick
Bill Warnick with the assistance of other interested local historians and volunteers formed the Port Maitland, “On the Grand” Historical Association (PMHA) in 2005 with the purpose of making local history available to all who wished to learn about it and all who wished to discover it through research. 

In 1998 Bill started a history letter called the Grand Dispatch. It ran for five years before due to unfortunate circumstances it needed to take a rest.  In 2013, The Grand Dispatch was resurrected under the sponsorship of PMHA. 

Bill is interested in local Grand River Township’s history and is an avid genealogist who records as many local families has time and records permit.
Barry Fraser

Janet DeVos

Wendy Strong

Bill Strong
Bill Strong
Bill Strong became our webmaster in 2014.  A resident of Port Maitland, Bill has had a long time interest in local history and genealogy.

He was a founding member and Chair of the Ontario Genealogical Society Haldimand County Branch, a founding director of the Dunnville District Heritage Association, former Chair of the Cottonwood Mansion Preservation Society and a founding director of the Dunnville Agricultural Society (the Dunnville Fair Board).

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